My dad

Hesketh A.C. Johnson

No explanation needed.

Letter from my father (Hesketh) to his daughter (me).  Sunday Morning, 10 March, 2012

I’d like to relate a true event that occured several years ago. It is about two illusionists: David Copperfield and Harry Houdini.

Copperfield felt the world should understand the psychology behind Houdini’s amazing feat, so he penned the following, “Houdini, the greatest of all escape artists spent his life sending one clear message to one and all. ‘Every obstacle can be overcome’. His feats were metaphors that offered hope to people in need of hope.”

I never saw this in Houdini’s miraculous feats. Copperfield’s take on Houdini’s accomplishments seems to be factual, however, and enlightened me.

Your life has been a series of escape feats and I’m proud of you, and as you move onward into the future this will be increasingly obvious.

Keep Philippians 4:13 in mind, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” None of us is almighty, we don’t intend to be self-sufficient or arrogant but it is possible for us to forget the Divine Element.


What an amazing father. What a lucky girl!