Hell’s Kitchen, NYC (they wouldn’t let her in?)


It was almost 9 years ago…

No regrets.When I look back over the years and ask myself, what did I do with the time I had with the people I love most, I can say that mostly, I did some fun things. LIKE…

Mum’s 75th birthday. What a great trip we had! Bushkill Falls, bed and breakfast at a little farm with the craziest chickens I’ve ever seen. Beautiful mountain roads, and mostly visiting the places where mum grew up. Her high school, the streets where she played, the house she grew up in


(it’s no longer there), the church she got married in (and the steps out front where my father sat).

I’d describe them all but there’s just too many.

One of the best was mum’s high school reunion. She was the prettiest girl there, and they all said she was the prettiest girl in high-school too.