Dadi Janki turned 99 years old in January. This message from her was just posted on the Hindu Blog – words from a life of light!


Inner satisfaction brings creativity

We often find ourselves falling into a routine. We perform tasks the way we have always done them – often for no particular reason. Life becomes monotonous, and we find it difficult to become inspired.

Only when I am happy within myself can I bring creativity to my life. Even though I have to do a number of routine jobs each day, they do not have to become dull – when I am happy, I can think of innovative ways to doing them. Even small changes have a big impact, and I will soon be inspired to make even larger changes to challenge me further.

Real progress can be experienced when we face obstacles.

When I come across a difficulty, I often see it as something negative. Instead of seeing it as threat, I need to regard each new obstacle as an opportunity to stretch myself and develop my skills. If I only attempt things I know I can do easily, I will not experience progress. I need to keep in mind that to develop I need to experience challenges on a regular basis.

 Dadi Janki of Brahma Kumaris

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