About Kelly’s Haze

Kelly Johnson Maragni, aka Haze

I’m supposed to add a picture here and say something important. I really have nothing important to say today. Maybe I’ll edit this some day and say something worthwhile.

I’ll have to concoct something. A work of fiction.

This is my blog, it’s required for my class. I have no idea why anyone would want to read things I have to say. I have no idea why so many people have so much to say that they think the world needs to read.

This is the Great Disconnect.

Millions of people are convinced that they are the world’s oyster. It’s the Great Modern Invention–a Reality Show–people say things that are of no consequence other than to fill a void in space. Thinking space. They take the oxygen out of my thinking space and fill it with crap. And some — the worst of them — get paid for it. I take issue with that (not the paying part, the existing part–simply wasting the world’s oxygen on rubbish) but I am apparently the Great Minority, with no platform to protest.

2 thoughts on “About Kelly’s Haze”

  1. Hey Kelly,

    This is Steve who used to work with You at the Daily Bread. Your kindness last year really helped me. I was going through a very difficult time and your general energy and presence really helped me. I really like your writing , good site.

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